The various clubs in the school function throughout the year and the students with varied interests club together to promote and further their special interest in each one’s liking. Some of the major and most active clubs are the Math Club, Science Club, the Literary Club, the Environmental Club, SUPW(Socially Useful and Productive Work) and the Socially Responsible Leadership Club. Students work together in groups and develop exhibitions, collected monies for various needy institutions,visited varied homes of shelters, planted trees, cleaned roads, read books on the famous people of the field.

Socially Responsible Leadership Club: Among all the clubs mentioned above, the most important and active club is this one. This Club is the Club of the most intelligent, advanced and talented students of the school. This club is the one that talks about and prepares themselves to fulfill the vision of St. Joseph International Academy, the dream of the Founder. They prepare themselves to become leaders of India who care about the social needs of India and fight against the social evils of India. They try to become IAS, IPS officers to lead India.