Registration for new admission for an academic year starts on October 1st of the previous academic year, though we maintain an open admission policy.

There will be no formal entrance test for children under standard VI. There will be informal test for students up to VI.

Admission tests for standards VI and up will be on: English, Mathematics, Science, Malayalam, Computers and Hindi.

The management will hold the right to admit or reject admission to students seeking admission with T.C. from other schools.

Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form by the Father, Mother or Guardian. A student from a recognized school will be admitted only if he/she produces a T.C. from the previous school attended. Exceptions must be sought from the office. In case the student comes from a recognized school out side of Kerala, then the T.C. must be countersigned by the local District Educational Officer. Exceptions must be sought from the office.

For fresh students who have not attended any recognized school, a Birth Certificate from the Municipality, Panchayath, and Corporation must be produced at the time of admission to the school.

Birth Certificate from the Church may not be a substitute for the Birth Certificate issued by the Government Agency cited above.

Any student without a T.C. must produce a valid birth certificate.

Suggested admission age will be:

Standard I:  6+;           Standard II:  7+;               Standard III:  8+

Standard IV: 9+;          Standard V:  10+;              Standard VI: 11+

Standard VII: 12+;       Standard VIII: 13+;          Standard IX: 14+

Standard X:    15+ ;       Standard XI:    16+;          Standard XII    17+