 Books are issued to students and teachers only after entering in the library record book or register.
 Any type of damage done to the books must be compensated by the borrower.
 Books will be issued maximum for a week. Beyond this period, the book may be renewed by bringing the book to the Library for renewal.
 A fine of Rs.10/- per week will be charged, if the book is not returned on the expiration date.
 All the books borrowed must be returned before the beginning of each terminal examination as well as the annual examination for inventory control purposes. Otherwise, a fine of Rs.50/-per book will be charged.
 Every student is whole heartedly encouraged to read as many books as possible everyday and to develop a passion for reading, a passion for knowledge, pleasure in reading.
 If you misplace or lose the books, the cost will be realized from the borrower.
 Teachers and students must obtain a library card from the librarian and bring it with them in order to take the books.
 Initially only one book is to be signed out at one time and returned within one week.
 While all are welcome to the library to cherish your life with knowledge and wisdom, silence is a must in the library.
 External books and other objects are not to be carried to the library.
 The reference section is used for school purposes and quick flicks in the library.
 The summary of the book with your own feelings and reason for such feelings must be written in your assigned book and brought to the librarian for getting another book.
 There will be competition and prices awarded for the readers of most number of books in a certain assigned period.
 The personal qualities mentioned at the back of the Report Card are to be practiced by the students and every staff is to encourage and facilitate its implementation in all contacts and class rooms. The guidance counselor will develop and implement a point/ star system to motivate the students. This chart will be displayed in every classroom. Parents are also requested to encourage and check these qualities to see if they are practiced in life.