Teachers with commitment and English proficiency.
 No Donation.
 Well furnished and spacious class rooms.
 Ultra modern computer laboratory with net working.
 Well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories.
 Modern language laboratory for older children.
 Sports (Foot Ball & Basket Ball Academy), games, dance, music, arts, crafts etc. made available
 Science, Mathematics, Literary, Arts, Environmental Club, Computer Club, Banking Club, Business Club, Agricultural Club, Community Club, Socially Responsible Leadership Club for older students etc. made available.
 Community development programs -socially useful productive work (SUPW) according to ICSE board.
 Educational field trips to enrich the children with broad mindedness.
 Swimming pool – in the works.
 Yoga, Karate, Dance, Band, Instrumental Music and Roller Skating.
 In house horse riding – in the works.
 Possibility of international exchange programs for teachers and students.
 Well organized and elaborate school library
 Career, academic and behavioral guidance and counseling center for students planned.
 Hostel for teachers, boys and girls.
 Moral discussions and classes for personality development given weekly.
 Chances for Creative Artistic expressions given weekly.
 Monthly publications of Handwritten Magazine and News letter to parents.
 Continuing presence of foreign Faculty.